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David Morrison Bursaries 2018

David Morrison Bursaries 2018 There is a variety of fields made available yearly to talented candidates. However, most of their main bursaries will be within the health science and health care fields. Bursaries made available by this fund will be for financial aid and candidates are selected according to academic results and financial need. Bursaries… Read More »

BestMed Bursaries 2018

Bestmed bursaries are provided are all for the courses that fall within the nursing field of study. The courses to be chosen include candidates studying towards a postgraduate diploma in public health, a diploma in general Nursing, honors BA or BA in nursing science. Bestmed bursaries are made available on yearly basis but can be… Read More »


South African Medical Association is offering bursaries to students who are pursuing/intend pursuing medicine studies in universities of South Africa. Bursary Amount Bursary amounts vary depending on the cost of tuition at the university chosen by the student. Who Must Apply SAMA bursaries are targeting high achiever  matriculants who want to study medicine (MBChB). Students… Read More »